a dance theater piece for people aged 14 and over

Choreography & Dance: Isabel Bernhard, Sarah Bernhard, Friederike Klodwig, Charlotte Petersen
Composition & Music: EAT THE FROG-Kollektiv: Tobias Link, Stefan Vidal Schneider
Stage Design: Lennard Dose, Nils Kassens
Philosophical preliminary talk: Mario Soose
Costumes: Cordelia Lange
Lighting design: Emilio Díaz Abregú
Premiere: 27.11.2022
Cooperation: Kloster Bentlage Rheine
Funded by: Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW, NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, Kulturamt der Stadt Münster, INITIAL Sonderstipendium, MKW Stipendien ‚Auf geht’s‘, LWL Kulturförderung

'Niemandsland' deals with the current feeling of being overwhelmed and powerless in the face of world events. Four dancers and two musicians contemplate the trembling position of people on the brink of a change that is so immense that it cannot be measured. Together they dare to look into the abyss in search of beauty.

’Niemandsland' is based on the text 'Uncivilization - The Dark Mountain Manifesto' by Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine. It is both dance theater and concert and is accompanied by a philosophical preliminary talk and a movement workshop.


November 27th 2022 • Premiere @Theater Meerwiese, Münster

November 28th 2022 • Theater Meerwiese, Münster

November 28th 2022 • Theater Meerwiese, Münster

November 30th 2022 • Theater Meerwiese, Münster

April 27th – Mai 4th 2023 • Erbil, Kurdistan/Iraq, cooperation with Goethe-Institut Iraq

June 12th 2023 • Borken

September 27th 2023 • Senden

October 13th 2023 • Rheine, Kloster Bentlage

October 14th 2023 • Rheine, Kloster Bentlage

October 21st 2023 • @Münsterlandfestival, Haus Harkotten, Sassenberg