About us

Mission Statement

EAT THE FROG is more than a collective of artists making music.

It is a vehicle driving our common search for meaning in unclear and constantly changing times, an artistic form of expression constantly in motion.

Sometimes revealed as a band, sometimes as curators. Sometimes as workshop-givers, sometimes as activists, often alongside many interdisciplinary artistic accomplices.

The intention is clear. In all the forms we choose to express ourselves, we strive for connection and exchange between people. Coming together in a space and feeling the collective connection that is constantly present but forgotten with increasing frequency in our social system, the focus lies on what connects, not on what separates us human beings: the feeling of collective energy and the resulting synergies, not intellectual but emotional.

It is political, it wants to emancipate and extract itself from existing social narratives - ones that create separation, ones that distort the focus on us as an interconnected community and prioritise instead the long outdated capitalist systems that do not place emphasis on people but on infinite growth and material ecstasy.

It manifests itself as an offer to bring people into contact with other, new narratives that are meant to create hope and courage in these times instead of further cultivating the opposite.

EAT THE FROG is more than a collective of artists making music.

It is an organism in constant motion for new collective, artistic, creative ideas and elaborations, for equal exchange and communication, in search of like-minded accomplices.

It is an organism that already carries the future in the very present.