I.  EXTEMPORIZE                                        

(=etwas ausdr├╝cken, auff├╝hren ohne Vorbereitung)

EXTEMPORIZE is a musical sign language by Danish artist Nana Pi Aabo Larsen that can be implemented in both educational and artistic contexts. 

We create music in the moment, improvising and exploring together, listening and communicating with each other. With the help of the signs, the participants are sensitized to sounds and noises and learn to perceive and listen in new ways. In this way, an orchestra is created from a multitude of sounds.

The workshop is for musicians of all levels who are open and curious to experience music in a new way. 

Previous experience in improvisation is not necessary. 


WORK IN PROGRESS is a hybrid event concept. In addition to performance and presentation, it seeks to enable an equal exchange between artists and audience.

We understand art as a deeply human form of being, a deeply human form of communication: addressed to everyone and detached from knowledge and intellect, art is a form of expression for existential themes and emotions.